Learning To Deal With Triggers

A trigger is an event that will cause you to do something.  This can either be a positive thing or a negative thing.  In most cases, a trigger will cause you to flip out and do something negative.  When we are able to control these impulses, it is more than likely we have removed these triggers.

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To get started, you will want to talk to behavioral therapists colorado springs specialist.  This therapist will walk you through the process of dealing with issues and understanding why we have these triggers.  This process can take some time to work out, but if you follow the process and do the exercises you can get better at it.

Create a focus object

A focus object is something that you can either hold in your hand or picture in your mind.  This focus object should be something that will relax you or something that when you look at will make you feel safe. 

Have a mantra

A mantra is a saying that you use to relax yourself or calm yourself down.  This can be a short phrase or saying that when said allows you to breathe and relax.  When creating a mantra have it be no more than five to seven words.  The longer the mantra is, the harder it is to remember and repeat. 

If you remember the show Seinfeld, they had one called “Serenity Now” which was said to keep him calm.  This may not be a good one, but it does give you an idea of what you can do and what you can say.

Have a phrase that means one thing but sounds like something else.  This is a great one that I personally use.  This can be something that is an inside joke or has a hidden meaning to you.  When you say this you can laugh at the joke which in turn will keep your mind fresh and away from the issues at hand.

When using these techniques, you will start to feel a strange sense of relaxation and can start dealing with issues more clearly.

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