Isn’t It Time You Get Used To PPE?

PPE is an acronym that has been widely in use for decades. It is short for personal protective equipment. And it is usually equipment that you would find construction workers and skilled artisans; plumbers, electricians, welders, carpenters, and the like, having to equip themselves with before settling into their work. It is definitely equipment that no health worker within the health services industry can be without.

Certainly not today; this in the time of the Corona-virus, also known as COVID-19. And that’s another term that many of you are still trying to get used to. COVID-19. And PPE. Get used to these terms, because it is going to be around you for a lot longer than you would have cared to imagine. Many stakeholders, from entrepreneurs to business owners, from health officials to politicians, are now thinking and talking in terms of yet another new normal.

And no matter what kind of business program you are running or mentoring, the covid-19 ppe sourcing program becomes part and parcel of your new normal. Every month, or every quarter, it is necessary for you to do an inventory check. You need to see what equipment you need to stock up on to help you in the day to day running of your business. The inventory of goods is unique to the kind of business you are running.

covid-19 ppe sourcing program

Whether you are a plumber or an electrician. Whether you are a delicatessen store owner or restauranteur. Whether you are a DIY hardware store owner or organic food and goods store owner. Or health and wellness store owner. Today, COVID-19 related PPE equipment now becomes a primary feature of that inventory list. And of course, you’ve now got a sourcing program to help make sure that you can remain fully equipped.

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